Platform Art – Participatory Art Based Project was launched during the spring of 2016 by several NGOs (ANBLOKK, KÁVA, SZOMARO, PÉCSI SZÍNTÉR EGYESÜLET, STEREOAKT), non-formal groups of artists, and young Roma activists living in Hungary.

The project, supported by a 10 months Norway Grant (HU07-0253-B2-2016), aims to develop an art based platform for intercultural communication. By the end of a series of participatory workshops in six rural settlements, we plan to set two new pieces of documentary theatre on stage, both anchored in the life of Roma and non-Roma participants living in these villages. Workshops are led by highly experienced artists, researchers, and therapists who facilitate an art based investigation in to the issues of the health care system and discrimination (in Szomolya and Sály, Borsod County), and in to the narrow path to entrepreneurship and work life (in Ormánság area, Baranya County).

This homepage is to provide a step by step introduction to the program, but also to provide regular update on the local processes how documentary art may emerge.